Jun 22, 2017

Democratic disconnect,

I understand there is a tendency among people on the Left to vilify the folks who don’t buy into their narrative but let’s be honest here....

I’m someone who votes across party lines. There are a majority of Democratic and Republican voters who can’t make that claim but when you break it down, people like me are the ones who decide elections.

I know it’s hard for the diehards to understand but, it’s true. We’re a centrist nation. So I look at what has happened since November and laugh more than a little bit.

On the left, there are people who genuinely believe that the reason Democrats have lost elections is because they weren’t Radical enough. I’m really sorry but I hate to burst your bubble that is so not the case.

The reason Bernie Sanders was so popular was not so much because he was radical as much as it was he talked about what the common man faced and was dealing with the issues that are important to the Middle Class.

I know on some level it’s hard for people to believe, they want to frame this discussion along racial lines or gender lines or a litany of special interest groups but that’s not at all what it is about.

I have worked in branding for the last decade or so and part of the brand promise of the Democratic Party HAD been about the interest of the Middle Class and the working man (or woman). The Presidency of Barack Obama changed all that and it became a globalist message.

And look, I understand you are trying to portray yourselves as very magnanimous and Christian in your attitudes towards illegal immigration and the like but in essence all you have done is to position yourself as the enemy of the Middle Class, here’s why:

Illegal Immigration for all the attributes you want to ascribe to it is all about maintaining an underclass.

Think I’m wrong?

I know you want to just apply the racist label to me, but hear me out... allowing a hoard of people into the country who don’t speak English and don’t work on the books allows exploitation. Not only does it allow exploitation of the people who are in the country who don’t speak the language it also allows a downward pressure on wages because you have a labor pool in competition with citizens who cannot be exploited due to labor laws.

This is the dirty little secrety the Democrats don’t want to talk about.

And there is the additional tax burden that falls to the Middle Class as well

This is all fairly plain to see.

The Democratic Party enjoyed it greatest success when it was the champion of the Middle Class, it's not at least it isn’t anymore. The funny thing is that the Democrats look at someone like Bernie Sanders and think his appeal was because he was radical and not because he spoke to the Middle Class!


 As a centrist, I would like it if the Democrats were smart enough to provide a counter balance to the far right but, they’re not doing that! Instead they want to go on Witch hunts to appease the far Left wing of the party.

It’s a huge mistake!

No one will listen to me though, I’m just a single voice screaming into the abyss but you know something, I’m the kind of voice they should be listening to.

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